4A (American Alliance of Artists and Audiences) is a low-fee membership organization that will provide member benefits and increase participation in the arts, humanities, sciences, cultural education, and arts advocacy across America.


How will it work?

4A is building a robust web platform to showcase arts and culture across America. We will encourage participation in the wide variety of arts, humanities, science, cultural advocacy, and arts education activities that make up the vibrant culture of America.  We will galvanize a creative community that is millions strong and increase both appreciation of and support for the arts.


4A members will have access to benefits from national, regional, and local partners and sponsors as well as tailored alert features. Whether you’re an artist, student, educator, or community member, our low-cost benefits will offer great rewards!

What will 4A members receive?


4A partners and sponsors will provide benefits such as:

  • Discounts on admission, performances, events, and arts education activities

  • Special access to behind the scenes events, discussions, and tours

  • Benefits for travel, insurance, dining, entertainment, etc.

  • Resources for creative and professional development

  • Information about the ways to engage in the arts and culture across America


What will 4A achieve? 

4A will build an expansive network by unifying the creative community in America. As 4A's membership grows, so will awareness that the arts, humanities, and sciences have a measurable and inherent value in American society.


What do  you mean when you say the arts?

4A will not interpret what "the arts" are or who is an "artist." Instead, we will help creators, presenters, and advocates for the arts, humanities, and sciences to achieve their goals by sharing their work and magnifying its value. 


When will this happen?

4A is working toward the launch of our web platform and member program. We are currently recruiting partners and sponsors.



There are millions of people across the United States who care about the arts - people who span political, gender, racial, economic, generational, and other divides. Let's join together to ensure that creativity, the arts, and arts education are cherished and supported throughout the nation! 


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